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          About us
          Company Profile

                 China· ldeal Electric Co.,Ltd.is a professional production of various IE3series,IE2 series,special electrical motor,adjustable speed motors,frequency conversion motor company.The company has strong technical force,not only hired a number of senior engineers,and has a number ofoutstanding technical personnel.Now it has more than ten production lines,modern equipment,high-tech management and advanced testing capabilities,which effectively guarantee the excellent quality of the company's products.
                 The company has TQC certification of the ministry of agriculture,product qualification certificate of Zhejiang bureau of quality and technical supervision,iso9001:2000 quality system certification,domestic quality certification,CCC,CQC quality system certification and many other certifications.
                 The company's pursuit of"science and technology for development,quality for survival"for the purpose of the enterprise.Our products sell well all over the country,and gradually in the Middle East,Europe and Southeast Asia market to win the favour of customers.We warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to negotiate business.
                 In order to repay your trust and support,we will provide you with the best price and the most sincere service!

          Corporate culture
          We advocate learning. Be good at innovation. Sincere cooperation. Sincere service. Promote win-win, ensure the fastest time. The best service. Maximize the needs of customers.
          Our mission
          l  Promote the development of motor related technologies
          l  Integrate science and technology and application to promote social progress
          Our vision
          l  Create a first-class brand in China
          l  High-growth companies that are sustainable
          Our core values
          l  People-oriented  Insist on integrity  Change  Focus on performance
          Our business philosophy
          l  Focus on professionalism  Target agglomeration  Quality first  Continuous innovation
          Our service concept
          l  Customer-centric, beyond customer satisfaction
          Our management philosophy
          l  Cultivate talents in the first place
          l  Respect and trust every employee
          l  Create a learning team to continuously improve the core competitiveness of enterprises and individuals through continuous learning
          l  adhere to principles and emphasize discipline
          Our view of employing people
          l  employer
          Our standard
          l  Diligent and dedicated    Honest and honest    Optimistic and self-confident   Advocating learning
          l  Proactive   Innovation and dedication    Passionate   Value cooperation
          Corporate honor
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